• Developing your core dental assisting chairside skills 
  • Achieving Certification to meet California standards
  • Receiving Mentorship by a Faculty that guide your growth in our field
  • Expanding your dental career and earning an ample income

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We know that our state holds some of the most rigourous standards in the U.S. Therefore, we strive to meet and exceed those standards to ensure that you are properly prepared to work in our great state! 

Meets California Standards


We know that you desire the best education available while also sparing your pocketbook. Unlike some DA Programs that provide the bare minimum, we believe in an affordable education packed with exceptional learning opportunities. 

training with Integrity


We know that you are seeking a customized learning experience, therefore we choose to keep class sizes small. We do not exceed more than 12 students in each cohort, so we can meet you where you are.

Small Group Experience


What's different about Aviara Academy?

We know you have choices and you are carefully considering what program might work best for you. We get it! 

Our awesome team is standing by, ready to help  sort through those choices and help you determine if Aviara Academy is right for you!
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